Afternooon Workshop in New York

Los Angeles Writing Acting Workshop

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Event: Acting and Writing Workshop
Date: Sun, May 8
Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Place: Chelsea Studios- #605
151 W 26th St, New York, NY

A 3-hour studio session on Writing for Actors and Character Exploration. Please bring a voice recording device and wear loose, comfortable clothing to move in.

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PART 1 (12:00 to 1:30)
Writing for Actors: Creating Content

With character as the foundation of all successful stories, Rite Now helps you to delve into the psyche of your characters to find previously unknown depths, discover more of their backstory, and create new stories from their perspective.

Working from the emotions and senses, you’re freed to tap into the deep well of universal creativity you formerly thought was out of your reach.

You’re freed of traditional constraints and find how stories can flow, helping you develop new material for yourself.

And, because the process is actually fun, you’ll want to use it daily for inspiration–and results.


Please bring a smartphone with a voice-memo app or a small recording device.

Part 2 (1:30 to 3:00)
Developing a Character Organically

Many acting techniques give us tools to bring a great part of our selves to our characters. How do you work beyond that and stay genuine? This method stimulates your imagination physically.

You’re you because of a network of ‘unconscious’ choices; playing, dreaming and fighting. Furthermore, much of this is not based in language, but in your behavior. This is an embodied approach to building characters from how they ‘feel’ rather than what they say.

This workshop will allow you to create in a layered, meaningful way from information that goes beyond what the words of the script can give you on their own.


Please bring a character you are working on from a script. You may work with the characters discovered in part one.

Stephen AtkinsSTEPHEN ATKINS is an actor, director and teacher. His work is influenced by many different acting techniques and somatic body/voice practices. Read more.
Stephen AtkinsDANIEL WILL-HARRIS has developed “Rite Now”, a character-based form of creative discovery and story telling that allows you to “Stop thinking and start writing”. Read more

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