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Your acting is your journey.

Discover . Train. Change. Repeat.

Stephen Atkins

Since 1990 Stephen has been directing and teaching in North America and around the world. (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Croatia).

His work is influenced by a number of Body/Voice training methods. Embodied Acting is an approach that is suitable for training a performer as well as creating new content.

His classes are structured with the idea that theory is at its best when offering insight into what is going on, not always dictating it. This approach is multi-focal and creates room for reflection and growth.

“It’s not about obeying rules from different acting systems, but allowing them and you to collaborate effectively without the worry of ‘right/wrong’.”

“Accident, chance and failure are your partners in the creative cycle. Acting is really about undertaking profound change. We have to embrace this.”

“Stephen is a fantastic leader of the class. He made the classroom a safe place for taking risks.” … “He opened my eyes to things about myself and about art that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.”Anonymous
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