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    Concentrated approach to acting

    Work without ‘dropping’ a choice before it is fully explored. Easily maintained in daily practice.

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    Make compelling choices

    Avoid the generic audition. Set up specific ‘rules’ to generate spontaneity and truth.

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    Bring 'The whole platter' to the party

    Your performance is a network of body, mind, instinct, technique, empathy and purpose.

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    Embodied Acting is drawn from many different learning environments and incorporates diverse methods.

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Acting: An Ongoing Reflective Practice

Becoming a performer is a constant work-in-progress. You can develop effective ways to reflect on your practice and make constructive changes.

Monthly Acting Blog

Stephen Atkins

Since 1990, Stephen Atkins has been directing, acting and teaching in North America and around the world. (United Kingdom, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Croatia). His work is influenced by the Meisner Technique, Practical Aesthetics, the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, The Viewpoints and somatic Body/Voice practices such as The Alexander Technique, Fitzmaurice, Feldenkrais and Linklater.

“We brought this work to our theatre company, “Kinky Fish”, and really hope your ears were burning. We invoked your name and the inspirational qualities of your workshop a number of times.”S. Scattergood, London U.K.
“Stephen’s knowledge and passion for his craft is infectious. He is at once a guide and an engaged audience. Every class offered a new opportunity to perform, a new chance to deepen confidence and relationships and a new opportunity to capitalize on artistic urges. This has helped me immeasurably in my career. I always left Stephen’s class recharged, inspired, and a few inches off the ground.”Chelsey Reist (Harper in Warner Bros. THE 100)
“Stephen is a fantastic leader of the class. He made the classroom a safe place for taking risks.” … “He opened my eyes to things about myself and about art that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.”Anonymous
“Stephen is an endless font of not only interesting but eminently useful information. .”J. MacKinnon